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Meet your 2019 Just Dance World Cup Finalists!

Meet the UK Champion, FuzzyDuck99


Say hello to the UK Just Dance World Champion Alex, or as we know him on the World Dance Floor- FuzzyDuck99! This 19-year-old from Manchester got his start playing Just Dance 3 at his Aunt's house and fell in love from there. Just Dance has meant many different things to Alex over the years. Not only is it a way for him to have fun with friends, but also it has helped him to lose weight and live a more healthy lifestyle. Inspired by TheFairyDina and LittleSiha, this will be Alex's first year competing in the Just Dance World Cup. Competing is helping him prove to himself that he's able to do well at something that is a physical activity. Alex has always led a more academic life, and representing the UK in the JDWC is showing him that he has other talents as well. We are incredibly inspired by Alex and can't wait to see him in Brazil.

Meet the Defending World Champion, Umutcan Tütüncü


We'd like to introduce you to the defending Just Dance World Cup champion, Umutcan! This 18-year-old from Turkey has been playing Just Dance for five years and already has two world championships under his belt. Umutcan loves everything about Just Dance, but he really loves meeting others who share his passion for the game. This young and talented dancer can't wait to try to defend his title, making it his 3rd time participating in the JDWC finals. We can't wait to see what he serves up in the competition this March!

Meet the Rest of Europe Champion, AriaRob


From Romania and representing the Rest of Europe for the first time in the 2019 Just Dance World Cup is 14-year-old Robert, aka AriaRob. Robert has been playing Just Dance since he was 8 years old. His inspiration to dance comes from his parents who are good dancers. He is training a lot, as he wants to represent his territory the best he possibly can. He is looking forward to going to the championship in Brazil. "DDU-DU DDU-DU" is his favorite song from just Dance 2019 and he would love to compete on No Tears Left to Cry. He says he will be ready for any song, as he likes a challenge.

Meet the France Champion, LicornusMoluskus


Meet your French champion for the Just Dance World Cup, Chakib, known on the World Dance Floor as LicornusMoluskus. Chakib has been a Just Dance fan since Just Dance 1. His dancing inspirations are: Caïn Kitsais,Céline Kitsais, Céline Baron and Nathalie Lucas. Chakib has been competing in the competition since 2017. He is humbled to be the French finalist and is looking forward to going to Brazil for the first time. His favorite JD19 choreography is New Rules extreme and he would like to compete on Rhythm of the Night at the finals.

Meet the Rest of the World Champion, ManuJon27


Meet Manu, also known as ManuJon27, coming from Uzbekistan to represent the Rest of the World territory in the Just Dance World Cup. This will be the first time Manu heads to the finals after competing for 2 years. He never thought it would be possible to visit other countries so the chance to represent his territory in Brazil is a dream come true. Manu is incredibly excited and proud to be one of the finalists. From Just Dance 2019, his favorite songs are Havana, Mad Love and No Tears Left to Cry and he hopes he will get to compete on them.

Meet the Polish Champion, Fineasz.U


Meet Konrad, also known as Fineasz.U, your Polish champion for the Just Dance World Cup! His first Just Dance game was Just Dance 2014 and he has been playing ever since. He loves the Just Dance community. His inspiration to dance comes from other dancers and he enjoys watching JD streamers – LittleSiha and TheFairyDina. Konrad has been competing in the Just Dance World Cup since 2015 and it's his second time competing in the finals. He is honored to be representing Poland and is amazed he will get to visit Brazil while participating in the competition. His top song choices for the competition are Water Me, Havana, and New Rules, because he is feeling confident about these routines.

Meet the Russian Champion, Diamond_B


Meet your Russian Champion for the Just Dance World Cup, Beligma, known on the World Dance Floor as Diamond_B. Beligma has been playing Just Dance for 2 years and will be competing for the first time in the finals. She loves to dance along with play Just Dance. The game inspires her to try something new and to express herself. She's delighted to be representing her country and her village is very proud of her. She would like to thank everyone for their support. She's really excited, as it's her second trip abroad. For the competition, she hopes to dance to Water Me. She's looking forward to meeting other champions.

Meet the Brazillian Champion, TJ


Meet your Brazilian Champion for the Just Dance World Cup, Tarcisio, (you can call him TJ). TJ has been playing Just Dance since Just Dance 2014. He plays the game because it excites him and makes him happy. TJ's favorite song from JD 2019 is Finesse. He feels the Just Dance World Cup is an opportunity to show his hard work to the world and is practicing nonstop. He hopes his country will be cheering for him! He still cannot believe he is the Brazilian Champion.

Meet the Italian Champion, Dancer280


Meet Antonino, known on the World Dance Floor as Dancer280 the Italian champion for the Just Dance World Cup! He has been playing Just Dance for nine years and for him, Just Dance is about having fun and a way to spend time with his friends. Antonino has been competing in the competition for two years now and it is his second time representing Italy in the finals. He is competing because he would like to be the absolute best at his favorite video game. He is excited to reconnect with the champions he met in the past and meet new people this year in Brazil. His favorite song from just Dance 2019 is Mad Love extreme and he hopes to compete on it at the finals.

Meet the Canadian Champion, Stormex


Meet Che, aka, Stormex, the Canadian champion for this year's Just Dance World Cup. He has been playing just Dance since 2013 and he loves it! Che has a long history with the Just Dance World Cup – he has participated in every rendition of the competition. This year marks his third time qualifying for the finals. He is very excited to compete in Brazil, as he has never been there before. Che is excited for the challenge – he would like to compete on the extreme versions of all the songs, as they look most impressive to the audience!

Meet the Spanish Champion, Robert00robert


Let us give a warm welcome to Roberto aka Robert00robert our 18-year-old Finalist from Madrid representing Spain for the second time. Roberto has been playing Just Dance since Just Dance 2 and has been competing for four years. He never expected to go as far as he has, let alone represent Spain twice! Each year he has trained harder to succeed in his dreams. Robert00robert's inspiration is Just Dance. Before playing, he did not know he liked dancing but Just Dance helped him find his passion. It has also allowed him to be friends with people nationally and internationally. He is excited to get to know and dance with the finalists this year, who share his passion. He cannot wait for his first experience visiting Brazil and meet the huge Brazilian Just Dance Community!

Meet the German Champion, Pachuco McPower


Representing Germany in the 2019 Just Dance World Cup, meet 29-year-old Marlon, aka Pachuco McPower! Pachuco McPower has been dancing all his life, but began playing Just Dance 2 ½ years ago and cannot get enough of it! This is his second time placing in the Finals and his first to compete in the World Cup Finale. Pachuco McPower is honored to represent Germany. His inspiration to dance comes from Bruno Mars and his favorite song, which he hopes to compete too from Just Dance 2019, is "Finesse." For Pachuco McPower, Just Dance is way to stay healthy and compete but the real meaning is family, the connection to the community. He looks forward to seeing familiar faces, meeting new champions and recording YouTube videos with them, in Brazil. To him, champions are an inspiration and he is excited to see and adapt their dance styles to his own!

Meet the Mexican Champion, leFerdz


Meet Alexis, aka leFerdz our 22-year-old Finalist from México! leFerdz has been Just Dancing for eight years, starting with Just Dance 2. He began competing two years ago and made his dream come true by becoming a finalist this year. His favorite song from Just Dance 2019 is "I Feel It" by Daft Punk, but he hopes to compete to "Finesse Extreme". To leFerdz, Just Dance is more than a game it is a lifestyle. He loves playing all day long and is inspired by the Just Dance community. He feels the responsibility of representing México and is ready for the challenge. leFerdz's trip to Brazil will be his first time visiting another country and is very excited.

Meet the Benelux Champion, Dionvisserrr


From the Netherlands and representing Benelux in the 2019 Just Dance World Cup is 21 year old Dion aka Dionvisserrr! This is Dion's fourth time competing and the second to make it to the finals for the Just Dance World Cup! Dion started Just Dancing with "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" in Just Dance 3. His favorite song and one he hopes to compete to from Just Dance 2019 is "Water Me" because of the fun and energetic choreography. In addition, he loves Panda. He enjoys the World Cup competition, playing with friends, challenging himself and above all dancing for fun and with other people! For Dion, Just Dance is the best way to connect with people all across the world who share the same passion. It is a big part of his life and a wonderful world to be in, drawing his inspiration from the entire community including his fellow Just Dance Squad members. Dion wishes all the best and is excited to meet the other finalist in Brazil!

Meet the USA Champion, Aazzlano


Say hello to the US Just Dance World Cup representative, Joseph, or as we know him on the World Dance Floor, Aazzlano. This 28-year-old Los Angeles native began his Just Dance journey in the beginning of 2014. He really appreciates how Just Dance is a game more about improving yourself than it is eliminating someone else. As a streamer on Twitch, Aazzlano has built a supportive community, to which he attributes his drive for success. He started competing in the World Cup in 2014 and this will be his third time competing in the Just Dance World Cup final.

Meet the Nordic Champion, TheAllu97


Say hello to Alek, or as we know him on the World Dance Floor TheAllu97, our 21-year-old finalist from Finland representing the Nordic region! To TheAllu97, Just Dance is a fun way to play video games, dance, unwind, exercise and above all channel his love of performing by streaming on Twitch. TheAllu97's inspiration draws from the amazing performances of Brittney Spears, which he tries to channel while dancing. One of his favorite songs from Just Dance 2019, which he hopes to compete to, is "OMG Extreme" because of its fun choreography and sassy attitude. Having never been outside of Europe before, TheAllu97 is proud and honored to represent the entire Nordic region in Brazil! He is excited and cannot wait to meet and get to know the other champions during his first experience in the Just Dance World Cup!

Meet the Australian Champion, JustDenz95


Say hello to our 23-year old Australian Champion, Denzal, aka JustDenz95. Denzal's Just Dance journey started 5 years ago and he has been competing in the Just Dance World Cup since 2014. Denzal competes not only to entertain others, but also to pit himself against the very best Just Dance players. He's pumped and energized to represent his home country in the World Cup. We look forward to seeing this Aussie compete in Brazil.

Meet the Rest of South America Champion, Camiblas15


From Argentina and representing Rest of South America in the Just Dance World Cup is 17-year old Camila, aka CamistylesJD18. She is very excited to be representing her territory and to meet the Brazilian community. Camila gets her inspiration from her dance teacher Matías Napp and her partner Cristian Farias. Her friends encouraged her to compete in the Just Dance World Cup and she is so glad she listened to them. This will be the first time Camila is in the finals. For the competition, she would like to dance to Finesse Alternative and would love to dance against the Mexican or French champion. She is training hard and can't wait to make the Rest of South America proud.

Make sure to check out the finals on March 30th and keep in touch at @JustDanceGame on Twitter or by using the hashtag #JDWC!