Hello Just Dancers and congratulations to those who participated in this first phase of the competition!

Here is the list of the online qualifiers who will represent their countries or regions in the World Finals in Brazil!

The "Rest of EUROPE" region: CarlosShadow
Benelux: dionvisserrr
Nordics: TheAllu97
Poland: Fineasz.U
Australia: JustDenz95
Canada: Stormex
The "Rest of the World" region: manujon27

CONGRATS to all of you!

Please make sure that you opted-in to our marketing emails in your Uplay account so that we can contact you. Here is the link to do so: enter the "Account Information" tab and tick in the first box in the "Personal information" section ("Keep me informed about Ubisoft offers and exclusive content").

We will need to validate that all of you are over 13 and a resident of the country you are currently qualified for.

More information to come soon about the countries finals, please come back and check the website regularly!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to