Returning Champion Umutcan Wins His Third JDWC Against Fierce Competition!

On Saturday, March 30th, 18 of the best Just Dancers from around the world came together to compete for the JDWC Grand Final. Streaming live from Brazil, the finals did not disappoint as the heat in the competition sought to match the heat of the South American stage.

Returning champion Umutcan had a mountain to climb to retain his title, as the dancers pulled out all the stops to make this Just Dance World Cup as competitive as possible. The competition was so close that some rounds were decided with the help of the passionate, supportive community, whenever a tie-breaker was needed!

The morning began with scoring rounds where all eighteen competitors had to dance their hearts out to reach the perfect score. As the tournament began, sadly Benelux champion DionVisserrr became ill and had to forfeit, pushing Spanish champion Roberto one-step ahead before even breaking a sweat. The matches were heated with so much talent, but only six could make it to the final evening rounds, which is where the competition becomes less about score and brings in a jury and even the audience if there is a draw.

The final dancers who went on to the finals were Italian Champion: Antonino, Brazilian Champion: Tarcisio, Defending Champion: Umutcan, Nordics Champion: Aleksanteri, Rest of the World Champion: Manuchekhr, and Spanish Champion: Roberto.

The Grand Final came down to a spirited bout between Umutcan and Tarcisio, with the hometown hero Tarcisio looking to topple the formidable champion. The final song, Calypso, ended up being so close that a Twitch vote was required, with the votes favouring Umutcan. It was a nail-biting competition until the very last minute.

Congratulations to Umutcan Tutuncu, your reigning, defending Just Dance World Cup Champion for the 3rd year in a row.

A big shout out also to Tarcisio in second and Antonino in third for displaying the very best of their regions' style!

Well done to all the competitors and thank you to the community for making this Just Dance World Cup a vibrant, enthusiastic and interactive experience!