Discover the jury and a special info about the Grand Finals!

The fifth annual Just Dance World Cup Grand Finals returns March 30th, 2019! Our most prestigious event of the year will take place in the land where it's always a good time to dance, Brazil, in the Webedia Studio! The top seventeen players in the world will battle it out for the title of World Champion with hopes of dethroning the 2-time champion Umutcan Tütüncü, representing Turkey (Rest of World).

Mark your calendar because this will not only be the most exciting competition of the year, but YOU also have a part to play in it. Yes you read that right, we need YOU.

When the competition reached the quarter-finals, a final point might be attributed by online viewers in case there is a draw between 2 competitors. The Twitch vote feature will be available on the official Ubisoft Twitch account. Viewers will be able to vote for their best player by writing the name of the champion of his/her choice on the Twitch chat with an official hashtag (ex. #CompetitorName) during each song. If the match ends in a draw, their vote will be counted, thus your contribution could have a major impact on the election of the future champion of the Just Dance World Cup! Read more about this feature on the global rules of the competition.

Whether this is your first time watching a competitive Just Dance event or you're a longtime fan, below we will share everything you need to know about the Just Dance World Cup Grand Final.


The Just Dance World Cup will bring together Champions representing 17 territories plus the defending world champion. To learn more about the champions, check out our article here.

Grand Finals format

The broadcast of the Grand Finals will start as soon as we reach the Final 6 champions of the competition. 6 finalists. Before the livestream the 18 players will compete on a BO3 format (best of three) based on their scoring (Just Dance points).The first player with two points wins the match and continues the competition.

Hosts & jury members

Please note that as it is a global event, the stage will be hosted in English. A local Brazilian feed will also be available on YouTube Ubisoft Brazil.

As soon as our 6 remaining champions have been revealed, an exciting international group of people will join the competition for the final event. We are so thrilled to introduce you to:


  • Fernanda Pineda: famous Brazilian presenter, journalist, producer and YouTuber

Jury members:

  • Jayden Rodrigues: Australian dancer and Just Dance community leader

  • Maira Medeiros: Brazilian influencer who encompasses the Just Dance spirit.

  • Jerky Jessy: French dancer and Just Dance Choreographer

The Jury members will evaluate the performance of the players in conjunction with the scoring.

Competition rules

To learn more about the technicalities of the competition, feel free to check out the songlist and rules below:

Please read these competition rules of the Grand Final, containing key details about the competition format.

Songlist of the Grand Finals

To learn more about the tracklist of all songs on which our 18 finalists will compete, check out our article here.

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